Peter Milchov 19th March 2021 16:42:52 52

Brief microsegmentation with NSX-T and vRealize Log Insight dashboards

In this article I am going to briefly cover a microsegmentation approach, using NSX-T and vRealize Log Insight. Be aware that is just a basic microsegmentation and it is meant to demonstrate the usability of Log Insight in helping you to build up an Infrastructure related rule base.

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Peter Milchov 24th February 2021 15:35:34 0

NSX-T: BFD for BGP or Graceful Restart?

Have you ever wondered what would happen with your tier-0 dynamic routing in a case of a BGP failure? Should you use BFD or a Graceful Restart to protect the control plane? Or both together? Let's examine these protocols and see how they fit with tier-0 gateways in NSX-T.

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Peter Milchov 15th January 2021 13:41:05 8

NSX-T Distributed IDS/IPS Configuration

Many of our customers need to meet regulatory compliance for their sensitive applications that deal with for instance healthcare or financial data such as HIPPA or PCI-DSS. These compliance requirements often specify the need for IDS/IPS to prevent data teft. To meet these needs VMware introduced Distributed Intrusion Detection System (IDS) with NSX-T 3.0. And later expanded with Distributed Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) in NSX-T 3.1.

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