Peter Milchov 6th April 2021 09:28:11 3

Building up nested V2T demo environment - PART2: pfSense

In the first part of these series, I described the overall design of the V2T.DEMO lab. In this one I covered the pfSense configuration, that is meant to provide the layer 3 services to my environment.

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Peter Milchov 25th March 2021 18:58:02 4

Building up nested V2T demo environment - PART1: Overview

I have been tasked to build up an internal nested demo environment, to be used to play out the different NSX-v to NSX-t migration scenarios and demonstrate the NSX-T Migration Coordinator capabilities in front of customers. I see that as a good opportunity to cover the full build in my blog.

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Peter Milchov 27th January 2021 21:47:48 0

NSX-T now supports OSPF

VMware has just launched NSX-T 3.1.1. The latest release comes with a much awaited feature - OSPFv2 support on Tier-0 gateways. NSX-T now supports OSPF version 2 as a dynamic routing protocol between Tier-0 gateways and physical routers. OSPF can be enabled only on external interfaces and can all be in the same OSPF area (standard area or NSSA), even across multiple Edge Nodes. This new feature allows for a simplified migration from the existing NSX for vSphere deployment already using OSPF to NSX-T Data Center.

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