Peter Milchov 6th April 2021 09:28:11 3

Building up nested V2T demo environment - PART2: pfSense

In the first part of these series, I described the overall design of the V2T.DEMO lab. In this one I covered the pfSense configuration, that is meant to provide the layer 3 services to my environment.

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Peter Milchov 24th February 2021 15:35:34 0

NSX-T: BFD for BGP or Graceful Restart?

Have you ever wondered what would happen with your tier-0 dynamic routing in a case of a BGP failure? Should you use BFD or a Graceful Restart to protect the control plane? Or both together? Let's examine these protocols and see how they fit with tier-0 gateways in NSX-T.

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