Peter Milchov 24th February 2021 15:35:34 4

NSX-T: BFD for BGP or Graceful Restart?

Have you ever wondered what would happen with your tier-0 dynamic routing in a case of a BGP failure? Should you use BFD or a Graceful Restart to protect the control plane? Or both together? Let's examine these protocols and see how they fit with tier-0 gateways in NSX-T.

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Peter Milchov 30th January 2021 17:11:31 4

How to configure OSPF in NSX-T

Lack of OSPF support has been a major blocker for a multiple customers to migrate their NSX for vSphere environments to NSX-T. That's not the case anymore, since VMware released NSX-T 3.1.1 that offers OSPF support. While that news is still fresh, let's catch the hype and configure OSPF neighbour adjacency in my lab.

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Peter Milchov 27th January 2021 21:47:48 1

NSX-T now supports OSPF

VMware has just launched NSX-T 3.1.1. The latest release comes with a much awaited feature - OSPFv2 support on Tier-0 gateways. NSX-T now supports OSPF version 2 as a dynamic routing protocol between Tier-0 gateways and physical routers. OSPF can be enabled only on external interfaces and can all be in the same OSPF area (standard area or NSSA), even across multiple Edge Nodes. This new feature allows for a simplified migration from the existing NSX for vSphere deployment already using OSPF to NSX-T Data Center.

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Peter Milchov 15th January 2021 13:41:05 2360

NSX-T Distributed IDS/IPS Configuration

Many of our customers need to meet regulatory compliance for their sensitive applications that deal with for instance healthcare or financial data such as HIPPA or PCI-DSS. These compliance requirements often specify the need for IDS/IPS to prevent data teft. To meet these needs VMware introduced Distributed Intrusion Detection System (IDS) with NSX-T 3.0. And later expanded with Distributed Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) in NSX-T 3.1.

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